Leadership Retreat : For Senior Leadership at Our Native Village

EXECUTIVE RETREAT : For Senior Leadership

This is a two-day Mindful Living Retreat for Senior Executives to host meetings in Bangalore, orchestrating a conscious pause and reflection through active-non-doing engagements.

A series of simple activities from the time of welcoming at the resort through the journey onward, both in the resort and beyond, this will enable the senior leadership members to once again return to their authentic self of 'Human Being' from the overtly corrupted “Human Doing”, and to reinvent their self and relaunch them into the orbit of greater potentials.

The two-day workshop weaves into it Games and Exercises driving the concept of Mindful Living and its Attitudes, leading the participants to discover their Aha! Moments through fun.

The Mindful Living learning and discoveries promises to be a life-changing experience, offering absolute Relaxation, an opportunity to Reconnect with peers and to help Rebuild self and others!

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