Pets are welcome and keeping in mind the safety and comfort of guests and animals.
  • There would be a per day fee of INR 1000 plus taxes for each pet. 2 pets maximum per room.
  • The reservations office must be informed at the time of booking, regarding your need to bring along your animal companion.
  • Guest agrees to immediately clean up after the pet in the room, or on the property grounds.
  • Guest agrees to be responsible for all damage caused by their pets in the property and payment towards the damage caused must be settled at the property before check- out.
  • Pets in transit are to be carried, restrained by a leash, or placed in an animal carrier.
  • Pet food cannot be stored or presented outdoors at any time as this will attract other animals and pests.
  • Guest assumes any and all financial responsibility for any damage caused in any way by the pet, including but not limited to, scratches, carpet cleaning, stained linens, hair removal, odor removal, or any other damage caused by the pet.
  • Guest agrees to be mindful of the comfort of other guests and employees and agrees to minimize any noise caused by the pet.
  • Guest will be financially responsible if the property has to compensate or move other guests as a result of any disruption by the pet.
  • No pet shall be allowed to create any disturbance, injury or property damage.
  • It is mandatory to carry your own pet food, food/water bowls, leash, carrier, bed, mats, blankets, pillows, pooper scooper, poop bags, grooming brushes and toys.
  • Guests found in violation of this regulation will be fined and/or be asked to leave, forfeiting any remaining rental nights.
  • The property reserves the right for additional restrictions and conditions.

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