Green Initiatives at Our Native Village - A Unique Village Resort Near Bangalore

Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation 
The Founders of Our Native Village - Eco Resort Near Bangalore have started an environmental company called Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation. Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation (GDP) is an environmental awakening and sustainability action enterprise. GDP has been established as a not-for-profit Section 25 company under the Indian Companies Act. While GDP is a not-for-profit company, it is being run as a corporate entity with all processes and systems to ensure transparency, accountability and full corporate governance.

  • GDP will champion, propagate, spread the word about climate change issues, and initiate projects to reduce the effects of climate change.

There is a general lack of awareness towards issues surrounding climate change. The public at large, students and environmental volunteers and workers are passionately working on environmental issues. However they have not had a chance to understand the science behind and fundamental issues that govern climate change. When this understanding is spread, their work in the environmental sector is more meaningful and more in depth.

  • ·GDP will identify, facilitate and implement sustainability solutions and technologies that will help promote green living

Sustainable technologies are moving forward at a rapid pace. People within the sector are aware of the changes and advancements. However, the community at large is unaware of all the possibilities. GDP will spread the word of new sustainable technologies and help implement them. These sections of society will include rural India, urban poor, common citizens and corporations.

  • ·  GDP will act as a think tank to given inputs that influence policy making at a local, regional, national and international level.

GDP hopes to assemble a panel of experts from around the world, who will act as a think tank for India. There is a lot of advanced and cutting edge thinking from around the world, that we need to harvest for the benefit of India. GDP will facilitate this through regular newsletters, research studies, publication of papers and organising conferences & workshops. 

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Social & Cultural Responsibility:
At Our Native Village - Eco Resort Near Bangalore we are committed to help the differently abled individuals by giving them work opportunities on the retreat. Most of the evening entertainment for guests are delivered by differently abled groups. We are currently working with Samarthanam, an organization whose focus is to provide care, education and opportunity to blind people, people with special needs and people who are economically backward.

At Our Native Village we are also committed to reviving and preserving customs, traditions, rituals and games from Indian villages that would otherwise soon be forgotten. We promote interest in Indian art forms and cultural symbols by exhibiting them within our retreat and highlighting them to our guests.
Economic Responsibility:
Our Native Village - Eco Resort Near Bangalore is committed to using local labor. We always ensure that at least 50% of our retreat staff are locals. We train and mentor local people and help them with opportunities to a professional life. We are support and invest in the local communities around our retreat. Our Native Village outsources services needed for the resort with a locals-first approach; as we work with local operators for all our transportation.

Hotel Amenities

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • 23 km from Yeshwanthpur Metro and 45 km from Bengaluru International Airport
  • Just 3 km from Nrityagram, Free Private Parking
  • Spa Available, Business and Meeting Hall
  • Village Themed Resort with fun activities near Bangalore
  • Swimming Pool
  • Business & Meeting Hall
  • Eco Friendly Resort Near Bangalore
  • Village Themed Resort Near Bangalore
  • Fun-Filled Activities For Friends & Family
  • Center For Arts & Culture

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