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A holiday at Our Native Village can take you back to your childhood years, when life was simple and about kite flying, top spinning battles, catapult fights, marbles and hop scotch. When scaling new heights meant how high you could climb the guava tree and innovation was all about stealing mangoes from your neighbour's tree under his nose!

The perfect getaway to recharge your batteries. Relax
while you pick and enjoy the different village experiences:
Giddy up on a bullock cart, fly a kite, play village games
like gilli danda, lagori, spinning a top, learn to get creative
with pottery, dance under the stars, swim in a fully natural
pond style swimming pool. Or just sit and enjoy the quiet
and stillness.

At Our Native Village, we offer to enhance the quality
of your life by soaking up the essence of nature through Ayurveda, the ‘knowledge of life’. In Sanskrit, ayur means
life or living, and veda means knowledge, so Ayurveda has
been defined as the ‘knowledge of life’ or the ‘science of longevity’.. At our center, we go beyond and offer you more than just Ayurveda.

Lose yourself in divine romance and discover a new meaning to love. In a place of fragrant air, where birdsong keeps tune to your love song and the only thing between you and your love, is the endless view!
Welcome to Our Native Village a 100% eco resort
nestled amidst grasslands and organic farmland.

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Round table conference ina coracle... Executive lunch
with Kori Roti, Ragi Mudde and Payasam...
Brainstroming on a charpoy... Break out sessions
while watching the sunset... Team building with gilli
danda or cycle racing and end the day dancing around
a bonfire!

Rediscover the joy of journey. The only traffic snarl you'll encounter will be a couple of frogs, and a noisy mynah. Welcome to Our Native Village a 100% eco resort nestled amidst grasslands and organic farmland. The only place
in the world where you will be trained by professionals
and can get a Bullock cart Driving License! 

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