Mother Nature is the guiding force behind inception of life on Earth. The bond between humanity and nature stretches back a long time and man has prospered since then through the virtues of nature. Who better understands this tie than the people of India, where we revere nature in its various forms; mountains, rivers, oceans and earth itself.

An Indian village best displays our intimacy with nature. Our Native Village, an Eco resort near Bangalore, is an endeavor to recreate this closeness for the people living in cities or for those who yearn to relive the blissful simplicity of their childhood days.

Take a break from your busy life to tread a winding path along a farmland, relish a jump in to a natural pond or go wild playing traditional Indian games like gilli-danda, lagori, spinning tops and flying kites. Experience life on a farm, meet our pets and bring yours along for we understand the meaning of a family.

The resort maintains a 100% eco-friendly approach based on the five basic pillars of environmental conservation - earthly architecture, nutritious food, energy and water conservation and proper waste management. Come join us at Our Native Village, where we celebrate the blend of nature's beauty and human simplicity through our commitments to gentle and gracious hospitality.

Located about an hour in the outskirts of Bangalore and close to the Bangalore Airport, the resort is a great destination for corporate offsites, team building activities or just a weekend Getaway from Bangalore for the entire family. We are sure that your bonds as a family or as a team will be stronger after your visit here.

Hotel Amenities

  • Resort Near Bangalore with Experience of a Village
  • Traditional Village Games and Activities
  • Eco Friendly Resort Near Bangalore
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Mini Library

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