Our Native Village

Activities at Our Native Village - A Weekend Getaway Near Bangalore

Our Native Village - Eco Resort Near Bangalore offers a very different set of activities at the village resort. Here, you indulge in day-to-day activities that people follow in an Indian village. It is a fun as well as learning experience and the simplicity of it all excites a joyous feeling and a beatific smile. Head to our resort near Bangalore and experience an enchanting world that is in stark contrast to the monotony of city life.

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Traditional Games

A number of enthralling traditional games played in the villages of India can be pursued at Our Native Village;

- Gilli-Danda

- Lagori
- Spinning Tops
- Flying Kites
- Cycle Tyre Racing
- Aiming with Catapults
A Learning Experience

At Our Native Village, a number of village activities can be learned;

- Milking Cows
- Riding Bullock Carts
- Making Flower Garlands
- Rangoli Designs
- Elementary Farming Techniques

- Pottery
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Frolic Activities

Our Native Village also offers some go-crazy activities, just for fun and frolic;

- Chasing Ducks & Chickens
- Singing & Dancing
- Jumping in the Pond


Or if you are just looking for a quite holiday, you can go for a bicycle ride or a nature walk or find a nice book in our mini library or simply take a seat and enjoy the serenity and solitude offered by Our Native Village.

What better way to spend the weekend than by enjoying at our family resort near Bangalore.

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